Someday Organizing Subcontracting – Organizing Assistance When You Need it!

SDO Subcontracting – The Professional Organizers’ Resource, is a supplemental service that specializes in providing subcontracted organizing assistance for other Organizers in the industry since 2011.

Offering Group Project, Tag Team, New Organizer Support or Niche Speciality Assistance.  Sandy can assist you in whatever role your immediate or on-going project requires; lead organizer, experienced second hand, or silent support.

  • Do you have a busy season or large group project that requires an extra set of hands?
  • Do you need to double up your efforts with a client in order to meet a pressing deadline?
  • Do you wish you had someone in your back pocket to do things you can not or do not want to do?
  • Have you ever felt “unsure” about whom to ask to help? What their experience is? Had questions you didn’t know to ask, until it was too late?

Someday Organizing Offers to Your  Business Needs and Experience

  • Over 10 Years of Professional Organization Experience
  • Golden Circle Member of NAPO
  • Former Professional Development Director (2yrs), Director at Large (1yr) and Corporate Associate Director (1yr) for NAPO-DFW Chapter

Experience includes Residential, Small and Home-Businesses; Assisting with or Leading Large Group Projects; Estate Sales, Extreme Make-over’s, Relocations, A&E Hoarders, and TLC Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Subcontracting Services

  • Group Projects

For large organizing projects, I can assist you and follow your direction, or be brought in as a lead over an area or the project.

  • Tag Team

Would a tag-team approach best fit your client, or would you feel more comfortable with a second person on-site with you?  I can assist and follow your lead and style to help you get the job done!

  • New Organizer Support

I can offer the experienced assistance and support you need to confidently service your new clients while you are training and growing.

  • Niche Specialist

If you are an experienced organizer, but prefer not to do certain types of organizing, or want to expand your company’s areas of expertise, I can provide niche services for your clients on behalf of your company.  Niche Specialties include; genealogy*, photo organization*, long-term food storage, home inventories*, digital estates*, pre-schools and business stockrooms.

Expand your business!  Increase your client resources!  Get the help you need!

Someday Organizing Rates as a Subcontractor

Single or Group Assistance: $45/hr

Niche Specialist* or Lead Organizer $50/hr

Team Lead (over 2 or more organizers) or Extreme/Hoarding Lead $60/hr

As a subcontractor, my business costs are reduced, allowing me to keep my service rates LOW.  These low-cost rates provide you with a greater profit margin on your project – keeping your bottom-line in mind when compared to hiring a full-time employee, or paying for full-priced assistance!

Each partnership begins with a Master Contract from SDO that puts to rest any questions and concerns you might have hiring a subcontractor; rates, non-compete clauses, liability and more!  When the need arises, call me! You will then receive a Scope of Work form that outlines each project.  That’s it!

Sandy is one of the Pioneers in the area of creating a business model based on Subcontracting in the Professional Organizer Industry.  She is a contributor in the best selling book “The Professional Organizers Bible” by Ramona Creel Volume I: Getting Started – in the areas focusing on Subcontracting.  If you haven’t read this book- you should!