Professional Organizing Services for Your Life


Often we meet people that normally live an organized life, but situations arise that call for a helping hand during transitional times, or a person just needs to get back on track. On occasion someone might just need an objective, experienced opinion to assess and advise. Other times, a partner is beneficial to provide motivation, accountability, and to ensure follow through.

Whether you continually struggle with clutter, can’t find a system or product that works for you, would rather have a tooth pulled than sort through papers, don’t have the time, or just need a cheerleader – we are here to help.

  • Home:  We organize all areas such as closets, kids rooms, kitchens, garages and more!
  • Home Office:  Paper systems & management, filing & archives, work areas & supplies
  • Space Planning:  Assess, define, maximize
  • Keepsakes:  Memorabilia, photographs
  • Hobbies:  Crafts, sewing, collections
  • Clutter reduction & maintenance
  • Extreme Clutter/Hoarding
  • Time Management

What to expect at an on-site HOME Organizing Session:

Prior to our session we start with a no-charge phone consultation where we discuss your needs and goals, and then prioritize those goals. We may ask for you to send photos.

At the on-site session we will take a quick tour of your home to determine all of the potential storage spaces and existing organizing products to be considered and possibly utilized.  Then we begin the process of editing, space planning, and organizing the area!  We assess the progress at the end of the session, and determine together where we stand in relation to your goal and plan accordingly.


Moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce.  (from: Employee Relocation Council).

Someday Organizing’s Team offers the following services to assist with your relocation!

1) Editing sessions:

Rid yourself of clutter PRIOR to moving to avoid packing, moving and unpacking “stuff” in your life that is no longer needed or loved.  Provocativeness at it’s finest.

2) Pre-packing*

Pre-pack the things in your life that you will not need access to for months to come.  This not only creates a clean & spacious look and feel in your home to ensure successful “showings” but eliminates the overwhelming packing – rush as the move date quickly approaches and perhaps you’ve underestimated the volume of packing or time!  You are officially ahead of the game.

3) Packing Services*

Let us pack your home for or with you.  We can provide the packing materials or you can provide your own.  We also will clearly mark each box and provide an inventory of the contents of each box in each room we pack.  Our services exclude packing furniture and extremely fragile or valuable belongings – we will work with you or your moving company to pack and protect those items.

4) Unpacking

If we had a dime for every home we walk into and heard… “We moved “x” years ago… and still haven’t unpacked these boxes.. ” Stop looking for or guessing where things are or living like you are “camping”!  This is also a great time to edit as you unpack, if you did not prior to moving.

5) Unpack and Organize

Not only do we unpack and get the boxes and packing material out of your way – we offer mid to high level move-in services.  Whether you want to set up essential living areas like the kitchen, bath and closet or the whole home!  We can create a home for everything, and put everything in it’s home!  We can suggest storage product solutions to maximize spaces, or line drawers, cabinets and shelves if desired.  We are happy to work with your movers, personal assistants or decorators to achieve your goals and get back to living life.

*Note: We are not liable for damage in transport.  Our goal is to professionally pack your belongings to the highest standards. But the fallowing scenarios prohibit us for assuming responsibility: Our clients or their movers “may” direct us to pack in a manner that is below our standard.  We cannot ensure that clients or moving company personal do not re-open and add or adjust the contents of a box prior to placement in vehicles or moving trucks or vans, nor can we ensure boxes or items are not “mishandled” by moving personal during loading or unloading, or while in transport.