What to Expect at an Organizing Session:

Q: Do I have to work with the Organizer?
A:  The best way we can teach methods and create personalized systems, is when the client participates in the process.  But many projects can require little or no participation by the client if desired.

Q: How do you charge for organizing sessions?
A:  By the hour for any research & planning, on-site labor or shopping, all of which is billed in 15 minute increments. All on-site sessions are a 4-hour minimum.

Q:  Can you give me a quote or tell me how long will it take?
A:  No.  Each project varies by client needs and preferences, volume & density of clutter or papers, and the pace at which the client makes decisions.  We will make every effort to provide an estimate and keep communications open regarding expectations, time & budget.

Q:  Do you haul away donations?
A:  Yes, we will haul away anything at we can reasonably fit into our vehicles at the end of each session – to a center or cause of our choice – at no charge!  We also provide you with a tax deductible receipt.

Q:  Do you charge for mileage or travel time to a client’s office or home?
A:  There is NO charge within a 25 mile radius from McKinney, TX.  Minor mileage fees apply beyond. SDO services all areas in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, and travels Nationwide.

Q: Are there other fees?
A:  Yes, for cancellations (less than 48 hours), NSF checks, or parking at client’s location if required

Q: Does your company accept credit cards?
A:  Yes, via Apple Square with a 3% convenience fee.  We also paypal, zelle, cash, personal and cashier’s checks, and money orders.